The Guarneri Society Club

An insight into TGS's exclusive inner circle

Being a member of TGS Club is more than a question of importance. Becoming a member offers you the chance of enjoying the beauties of the violin world on a close contact. But since our exclusive Club  is far from being the typical average high-class meeting point for socialites, our customs are equally unprecedented. The benefits of becoming a member are the following:

1. A signed copy of The Tartini-Vogelweith Strad book [Limited Edition, numbered]
2. A personalized copy of our exclusive Savanna Bubinga Card.
3. Formal, handwritten invitations to participate in all Guarneri events.
4. A significant discount applicable to every trade through TGS.

If you are interested in becoming a member, you are kindly requested to send us a handwritten letter formally explaining your personal motivations and music preferences. You will receive our reply within a week after considering your application. In case you become a member of TGSC we will provide you a musical alias -after a famous opera character’s name- which you will retain during your tenure as a member.