The Guarneri Society

Excellence & Tradition

The coming together of individual and instrument is primarily the uniting of two souls to create a sound that resonates with ineffable harmony. Facilitating that merger of spirit and matter is the primary role of the Guarneri Society.

Altruism and the relentless search for perfection in sound are the emblems of our society. We therefore prefer direct and personalized contact with collectors, musicians, investors and various legal institutions. The support we offer goes well beyond the simple act of buying or selling. It is based on a relationship of trust, with a common higher purpose: the harmony of sound.

Our role as curator for goods and people encompasses the management and protection of interests of the various parties involved, through certificates of authenticity, appraisals and insurance.

Our advisory role stretches from the assessment and management of the instrument through to different forms of investment financing. You can rely on our accredited, recognized expert to highlight the elements essential for ensuring reliable financial commitment: defining the golden age of the instrument; analyzing its historical biography to determine its owner; ascertaining the artist who was its ambassador; estimating its market value and revealing the evolutionary perspectives of the market. Our expert will also advise you in carefully choosing the most appropriate insurance for your desiderata.

The Guarneri Society has its own collection and enjoys an unprecedented network of great collectors who put their instruments at its disposal. This symbiosis between the holders of rare and precious instruments, including examples of exceptional Guarneri, Stradivari and Amati, offers a priceless setting dedicated to the search for quintessential sound. Each instrument is unique and selected with minute care by leading concert luthiers, together with our experts. From the perspective of exclusivity, the varied range of our collection is aimed at investors, renowned soloists, instrumentalists, as well as at clients from all walks of life. This selection is exhibited worldwide several times a year in major cities steeped in centuries-old musical tradition, as well as in places where this kind of exhibition is less common.

Sponsorship is also one of our hallmarks. We have a predilection for this kind of philanthropic concept that focuses on supporting young talent. Our society is therefore present at international competitions, and it supports master classes, recordings and the production of discs.